Overheard in the halls of Hogwarts [4/4] Inspired by x

1st gif is an accurate reaction to the QI scoring system

“I don’t think it’s terribly controversial to note that women, from a young age, are required to consider the reality of the opposite gender’s consciousness in a way that men aren’t. This isn’t to say that women don’t often misunderstand, mistreat, and stereotype men, both in literature and in life. But on a basic level, functioning in society requires that women register that men are fully conscious; it is not really possible for a woman to throw up her hands and write men off as eternally unknowable space aliens — and even if she says she has, she cannot really behave as though she has. Every element of her life — from reading books about boys and men to writing papers about the motivations of male characters to being attentive to her own safety to navigating most any institutional or professional or economic sphere — demands an ironclad familiarity with, and belief in, the idea that men really are fully human entities. And no matter how many men come to the same conclusions about women, the structure of society simply does not demand so strenuously that they do so. If you didn’t really deep down believe that women were, in general, exactly as conscious as you, you could probably still get by in life. You could probably still get a book deal. You could probably still get elected to office.”
Jennifer duBois, Writing Across Gender (via feimineach)

Asylum by PatiMakowska

Question to people in non-Slavic countries:

Do you battle it out with Eastern eggs too?

For further explanation: each Eastern morning family gathers to start an egg championship with the painted boiled eggs you prepared before. Goal is to crack the other person’s egg with your own egg. Clash of the Eggs, so to say. If yours survives, you go on and challenge other members of your family.

General rule of thumb, if the egg has beaten the first two, than it is a ulta-egg with shells made of titanium. It will win you many battles and crack many shells until another ultra-egg rises up to the challenge.


We already know that Honey Badgers are awesome, but did you know that in addition to being skilled diggers, fearless hunters and not caring about anything, they’re also incredibly intelligent and cunning? Well now you do. Meet Stoffel the Honey Badger Houdini.

Stoffel lives at the Moholoholo wildlife rehabilitation center near Kruger National Park in eastern South Africa. He’s a permanent resident of the center, which rescued him from a negligent owner trying to keep him as a pet, which is why he cannot be released into the wild. But it turns out that keeping Stoffel isn’t simply a matter of giving him a nice place to live. No matter what sort of enclosed habitat the center provides, Stoffel finds ways to escape - sometimes ingenious ways - which reveal that he’s not just determined, he’s also amazingly thoughtful.

We don’t want to reveal any more than we already have, so watch this astonishing video to see exactly how Stoffel works his mustelid magic.

Video from Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem, part of the BBC series Natural World.

[via Twisted Sifter]


kiddos and thEIR CRUSHES B)))))


"Diabeł", Art Commission for Games Laboratory


"Diabeł", Art Commission for Games Laboratory


Creature illustration based on the David Giraud's Zbrush model, collaboration started during the 3rd Worskshop EXPLORE organized by Steambot Studios in Montréal. Animated GIF here.


*The Outsider playing violin in the background*

i just wanted to do something quick (and romatic, eh?) for valentine today. i’m so sorry it’s shit, my art of tablet is shit, i am shit and Daud is so wtf

i have no idea why i’m posting this. Anyway, you do know that dancing scene in Dnevnoy dozor, right?


My contribution to Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall : the Delilah’s self-portrait.

Is that who you were looking for? Well, she’s a bit of a bitch.. and the artwork’s hopeless.

Is that who you were looking for? Well, she’s a bit of a bitch.. and the artwork’s hopeless.

Ok, I’m really bored. If any of my followers wanna chat, then message me so I can give you my Skype.

The realization that Khajit aren’t fond of life as sailors is because they’re cats has changed my life.